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Friday, March 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 21

My all time favorite picture of myself.
October 2010
I'm currently using this as most of my profile pictures, so I know the majority of you have already seen it. I love this picture because I have one of my favorite smiles on. My hair had just been cut, so it looks really cute. You can see my eyes, though I don't care so much for the dark circles I can never get rid of. I've been asked by people if my boyfriend beats me because when I don't get enough sleep, it looks like I have black eyes. Also in this photo, if you notice, I've got my ear-buds around my neck. This lets people know that I LOVE music. I think I actually have my make-up done too, lol. I took this photo myself, so that makes me like it a little more. I'm usually very camera shy, so when I see one pointed at me I'm not overly happy that my picture is getting taken. It's a little different when you're the photographer AND the subject. You can play around and take as many photos as needed until you get a good one.

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