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Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 14

A picture of me a year ago and how I've changed. Well, this picture is actually about a year and a half old.
Well, physically, I have changed in that I have lost some weight, my hair is quite a bit shorter and with bangs now. The gaps in my front teeth have also been filled, so I now smile openly and willingly. I have changed in other ways that aren't so noticeable. I've grown spiritually due to my increased scripture study. Teaching an older class in primary has helped me in that way also. I've learned new things at work, new crafts at home, and have become, in my opinion, a happier person. I am experiencing the full joys of being an aunt. I've been an aunt my whole life, but I've never been old enough when a new niece or nephew was born to really appreciate my role as Aunt Amanda. Now that I have a baby nephew who was born last May, I'm enjoying being an aunt much more. I'm sure other people have noticed changes in me that I haven't noted, but sometimes it's hard to look back a year and think that you've really changed at all.

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