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Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow and a new dog

It snowed most of the weekend. We woke up to just over a foot this morning. I'm very thankful that we have plenty of wood to keep us warm this winter.
Saturday, after we got done stacking wood in the house, I spent most of the remaining daytime molding chocolate. I was very shocked that I didn't gain any weight when I weighed on Sunday because I ate quite a bit of the chocolate. Experimented putting orange oil in the chocolate, which turned out really good. I also molded white chocolate and mints. I tried a s'mores idea I had as well with the melted chocolate and they turned out really good.
On Sunday, Carma and I went up to the house of one of the members in our ward and brought a dog home with us. We already have two labs, but this dog, who is a lab mix, was just so tiny, skinny, malnourished, and timid that we had to bring her home. She is such a sweetie. Ryder, my nephew, is coming home tonight and then he can giver her a name. Carma and I have just been calling her "little girl" and "sweetie" for the time being. She is supposedly about a year old, but is only half the size of our dogs. She is very weary of humans. Every time we come near her she cowers. Hopefully she'll learn to trust us fast.

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