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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you show your lack of vocabulary?

Part of my job description states that I answer the phones for the company I work for. I act as the receptionist, and therefore I transfer the calls instead of helping the people that call myself. This would normally be a stress free part of my job, but as I work for a collection agency some of the debtors that call our office are terribly upset. Today we had one such male debtor call in. He proceeded to threaten our company and swear at me. He knew that I was the receptionist and that I was not the one who had called him and that I would be able to do nothing for him but to transfer the call. Though he knew all of this, he still felt that by acting this way towards not just me, but three of our collectors would get him somewhere.
This incident reminded me of a lesson I learned as a teenager from one of my church youth leaders. I wish I could remember the name of the leader that taught this to me as the lesson has stuck with me for many years now. The lesson is this: those who use vulgar language are simply showing their lack of vocabulary. They are using one small word in place of many words or sentences to describe how they are feeling. To those around them they seem unintelligent and incapable of expressing themselves in a clean, non-repulsive, non-offensive manner.
I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this has never shown their "lack of vocabulary" in their verbal or written correspondence with others.


  1. AMEN!!!! I wish people who use those words would really understand how unintelligent they sound!

  2. It is sad when someone can not convey how they feel without resorting to trash words. I had a "friend" that peppered everything, whether verbally or written, with plenty of droppings of the big ol' F word. One day I made a comment about how crass it is to talk that way, showing a lack of tact and intelligence. She took it as a big insult against her intelligence for me to state that, not understanding the point I was trying to get across.