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Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Party: The Crafts

This is going to take at a few posts to cover. Partially because there was just so much going on, and partially because my sister took most of the photos (I was hosting and didn't get much of a chance) and she is on vacation right now. As soon as I get some photos from her I will do more posts. Right now, I'm going to focus on the things they made.

We had a couple of crafts available to the guests. One of which was making their own wands. Well, really, they needed to do this because what's a witch or wizard without a wand? So we sent them over to Ollivander's where Luna, aka Carma, gave them instructions. Luna was kind enough to fill in for Mr. Ollivander while he is recovering from his recent abduction by the death eaters. Here are some pictures of the wands, in varying degrees of closeness so you can see the detail.
The one in the center is mine!

These were made with paper, sand, hot glue, and three different paint stages. They were really fun to make. No two wands turned out the same, which was perfect, because no two wands in Harry Potter are the same.

We also had the option, mostly for the young kids that were there, to decorate their own Death Eater Mask. I spent some time painting plastic masks black so that they would be ready to decorate using paint pens and silver sharpies. Below is the mask I made to be an example at the craft table.
My Death Eater Mask!
People were seen wearing their masks and having duels with their wands throughout the second half of the day. It was great fun! The kids kept coming up to me and asking me how to do certain spells. I later found out that Carma/Luna kept telling them to go ask Professor Trelawney (me) when they were asking her. Thank goodness I'm a Harry Potter nerd and was able to tell them all the answers, even if it took me a while to remember the incantation.

Next post: Honeydukes!

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