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Friday, July 1, 2011

Recent Vacation: Week Ten

Well, I don't know if I should really call this a vacation, but it felt like one to me. Last weekend I helped co-host a letterboxing event. Gearing Up For The Great Outdoors! Joyce decided to hold this event about seven months ago and asked a few of us to help out and carve stamps and what not. I ended up carving twenty stamps for the event. When we were done getting camp set up, (we camped out for the event! How fun!) Carma and I took Mom and Dad's atv's and went to hide the last few stamps around the area.
Ryder, Carma, Me, and Cathi signing into the event book
Joyce and Cathi had to run back to Joyce's house to finish getting everything for the event. Carma and I hung out at the main camp to get everyone going when they showed up. Also, I was instructed to take pictures of everyone singing in with Joyce's camera while she was gone. We had such a great time getting to know a few boxers better and getting to know some for the first time.
Group Photo
There were sixteen icon boxes that we sent everyone out to find once they had gotten their camps set up. These were images of different Parks and Recreation signs. We then had a potluck dinner and took the group photo. Once it got dark enough, we did night boxing. This was kind of fun. The stamps were hidden in pouches on trees. The pouch had a reflector strip on it that you had to find by flashlight. We stamped the images into logbooks that Joyce made for everyone. The books were filled with campfire songs, some of which corresponded to the stamps that were carved for the night boxing.
On Saturday, we sent everyone off with clues to boxes around the area for them to find, packed up our camp, and said our goodbyes. Carma, Ryder, Mom, and I rode the atv's back to Joyce's house. We stopped along the way to get the boxes that we hadn't gotten yet. We all took much needed showers at Joyce's and slept hard.
This was such a fun experience! I loved getting to know some fellow boxers better!

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