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Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy House of Animals

We now have a fourth dog living at our house for a couple of months! Craziness! My nephew is taking care of Charlie (the dog) for a friend of his. Our house is nuts! Carma and I have had our dogs, Tali and Suri, for 3 1/2 years now and my nephew just got a dog, Saya, a couple of weeks ago. Our dogs were still trying to get used to little Saya when we brought Charlie home to take care of. We have a couple of grouchy, sad, feeling neglected because their people have two puppies to keep an eye on, dogs at home. The floor is covered with toys. I pick them up and within ten minutes the two puppies, well mostly Saya, have gotten all of them out again! Ringo, our cat, hides all day long because neither of the puppies are used to cats. Then he practically attacks us to give him loves because, like our two oldest dogs, he's feeling a little neglected. There is hair on every surface of our home. Yuck! The fun is only going to increase come Christmas when Joyce comes with her dog, Blew. We had to put our Christmas tree on a table because the ornaments were getting broken. To top it off, because the two new dogs are still puppies, we get to deal with teething. I think this is why we're called Crazy Mountain Women!

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  1. Sounds like insanity, but the kind of insanity that is full of so much love. :) We have the two crazy dogs at our house (Molly is a year and a half and Bo is like 7 months) and then my cat, who now hides upstairs all the time.

    Post pictures. :)