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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas weekend update

We've been getting quite a bit of snow in the Idaho City area the last couple of days. Unfortunately it is a wet, heavy snow instead of a nice light powder. I feel bad for the teen who just shoveled off our roof for us just to have it snow enough so you can't tell he did anything. We actually came home Monday night to find him shoveling the roof off in the dark. Crazy kid! Carma and I are very grateful for him and his parents who have helped us with this time consuming project the last few years. They really look out for us and we appreciate their concern and generosity.

Well, like a lot of you out there, Santa visited our house this last weekend. Our main family gift that we got was a Nintendo Wii. Wow, lots of fun! We have played on this thing every day since we got it. It's hard to believe what a great workout you can get playing a video game! I think I've clocked at least eleven hours on it and let me tell you, my arms are seriously sore. This is such a fun way to exercise! It's been great for increasing our family time, too. Normally Carma and I are out in the living room after work with Ryder being anti-social in his room. With the Wii, we are all in the living room together playing games. The dogs, which we still have four of at our house right now, didn't quite know what to think of us swinging our arms around. I think they thought we were going to throw toys for them.

We held Christmas Eve dinner at our house again this year. We had a lot of fun playing games, talking, and laughing with each other.

It was a little crazy when Joyce brought Blew for Christmas. I think that dog of hers has finally met her match. Blew normally plays with Tali and Suri, mine and Carma's dogs, to the point where they are almost hiding from her just to find some peace and quiet. This time was a little different. Charlie, Ryder's friend's dog, loved Blew and played with her to the point where she was the one trying to hide! What a change for her!

Unfortunately, all of our dogs started to get this horrible sounding cough. We think they have kennel cough from when Charlie spent some time in the pound just before we brought him home. It's only supposed to last a couple of weeks and we are already seeing some improvement.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Until next time!

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