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Friday, October 28, 2011

October Road Trip

I'm a little behind on the blog, so I'm going to do a few posts real quick to get up to speed.               
I was over in Eastern Idaho a couple of weeks ago. Joyce and I went through Yellowstone and on into Jackson Hole before going back to her house. While in Wyoming, we stopped at the most photographed barn to do a little letterboxing. Unfortunately, the box was missing.

On our way back to the Boise/Idaho City area, we stopped at Craters of the Moon to do, what else, some letterboxing. I took some pictures outside the cave we went in to get one of the boxes. The caution sign just outside of the cave made me wonder. Does Santa have a hobby of spelunking during his holidays? And if so, does he tend to hit his head a lot?

This is the entrance to the cave we went into. The cave is 300 feet long, and pitch black. Joyce and I both had headlamps on and Joyce had a small flashlight. Even with our lights, we could barely see more than a couple feet in front of us. I have to say that I'm glad there weren't any bats, not because they scare me, but because I was already out of my comfort zone just by going in the cave and I didn't need furry winged things flying around.

 Below is the view of the trail we walked to get to Beauty Cave. The wind was so strong, and kept catching on my pack, that I almost fell over a couple of times.

 I hid my spelunking letterbox behind these rocks! This is halfway down to the entrance of Boy Scout Cave. We didn't go in this one, it's covered in ice all year round and you have to crawl in most places.

Well, those were the highlights of my short road trip this month!

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