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Friday, October 28, 2011

Harry Potter Style Letterboxing

Well, it's done! All of the stamps that I carved for the marathon have now been planted as letterboxes for the letterboxing community to enjoy! In order to do this, I had to create a logbook for each stamp and a pouch for the stamp to go in. It took almost a month to make these! I used Wizarding books and items from the movies and books, tied them into each stamp, and then put a little explanation in each logbook so anyone who isn't some crazy Harry Potter freak (like me :p ) would understand how the logbook related to the stamp. By the way, if you would like to learn about letterboxing, click here.
 I had a fun time learning how to make codex books. Sewing the packs of folded paper together, creating the cover and binding, and gluing it all together was a larger task than I thought it would be, but relatively simple once you know what you're doing.
Ron's logbook / Dementor logbook

Sorting Hat logbook / Deathly Hallows logbook

Ron's Emotional Range bonus box / Weasley is our King logbook

Slytherin logbook / Grindylow logbook

Ravenclaw logbook / Gryffindor logbook

Hogwarts Crest logbook / Hedwig's logbook

The front of the Hogwarts Crest logbook

Hufflepuff logbook / The Fallen Heroes logbook (Sirius & Dumbledore)

The Cauldron logbook / Harry's logbook

logbook for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

the Quidditch equipment logbook

logbook for the Dark Mark / Hogwarts School logbook

Hermione's logbook

Snape's logbook
 This is my favorite logbook that I made. It also took longer than any of the others. You can see why.
Hagrid's logbook

 The pouches that were made for each stamp. A big thanks to Carma who helped with this. She sewed them all (I don't touch sewing machines. They tend to break when I touch them.).
With a lot of help from Joyce, all 23 letterboxes got planted in just 6 hours. I would have had to do it in a couple of days if I had gone by myself.

I hope to have the instructions on how to make the Monster Book of Monsters up sometime next week.

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