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Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogging Challenges

I have to say, even though I enjoyed doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I'm glad it's done. It started to feel like a chore having to post every day. I do like the idea of doing challenges to make sure that I post something. I have the tendency to go weeks without posting. I decided to make up my own challenge. I'm going to try to post the challenge within the next few days so that anyone who would like to challenge themselves may do so. It won't be a daily post challenge, but a weekly one. I enjoy reading blogs when there are pictures involved (I know, I'm not posting a picture with this), so my challenge is going to involve a photo with every post. That's another reason I decided to go with a weekly challenge, it can be hard to find time every day or two to get photos taken, but I figured a week was enough time.

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