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Friday, January 16, 2015

DIY Ink Pad Storage

 I'm always looking for new ways to store and organize my craft supplies. One day while trying to figure out if I could do something with the two bamboo place mats I've had sitting around for years, thinking I would just end up throwing them out, I thought, "You know, if I just had some elastic I could thread it through the bamboo and make some kind of holder out of these." So, the next day I headed off to the craft store and got some elastic. This is the result.

           1/2" elastic in the color of your choice
           bamboo place mat(s)
           needle and thread to match the color of elastic
           ink pads you will be storing (or markers, paint, etc.)

Start by figuring out the spacing you will need for your ink pads. You don't want the elastic too loose or the ink will fall right out. You also don't want it too tight or you will have problems getting the ink in or out. This is the hardest part. Once you have figured out the spacing, take one end of the elastic and loop it through the end of the place mat and sew the end together. Start threading the elastic through the bamboo. Sew the other end on. Repeat as needed across the place mat. I did two rows, but if you have smaller ink pads (like the square distress ink pads from Ranger) you may get three rows on a mat.

 Put in your ink pads and viola! Your done! I stuck a binder clip on mine and hung it from a command hook attached to the side of the bookcase that hold my craft supplies. I also found that the mat will fold nicely, as shown below, and can be stored on a shelf in this manner.

Please note that the elastic will loosen when you remove an ink pad. I haven't had problems with my ink pads falling out when I've removed just one from a side, but if you remove too many they may start to fall out.

Happy crafting!

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