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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I just love making holiday wreaths to hang at work! I'm starting to get quite the collection of them!

Supplies needed for this wreath:
  • 12" wreath form
  • pot of gold, gold coins, shamrocks, etc. for decoration
  • ribbon--preferably St.  Patrick's Day theamed
  • Tulle or netting (I used heavy scrubbie mesh/tulle) in the following colors: 
              red--------4 strips
              orange----4 strips
              yellow----4 strips
              green------about 35 strips
              blue-------4 strips
              purple----4 strips
Strips should be 1.5" by about 28"

To apply the tulle strips, fold the strip in half. Place folded strip under wreath form with fold on the inside of the wreath. Pull the loose ends of strip over the wreath and through the fold's loop. Pull tight. Continue applying strips, overlapping some, until wreath is full.

*Note: if your mesh/tulle has large holes, you will be able to see the color of the wreath form underneath. Also, it should be a stiff mesh/tulle so that the ends stick out well.

Trim the edge of the mesh/tulle to desired length. Add embellishments with a hot glue gun. Wrap a ribbon around the top and you're done!

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