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Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite Landscapes

Some of my favorite landscape shots that I have taken have been from the trip I took to Hawaii in October of 2008. I love the beach, so naturally I love taking photos of the surrounding landscape.
Our trail to the Waianapanapa Caves
The Legend of Waianapanapa Caves:
     Once upon a time, a Hawaiian princess named Popoalaea fled from her cruel husband. The chief, Kakae. She hid on a ledge just inside the underwater entrance to this cave. A faithful serving maid sat across from her fanning the princess with a feather Kahili, symbol of royalty. Noticing the reflection of the Kahili in the water, the chief, Kakae, discovered Popoalaea's hiding place and killed her. At certain times of the year, tiny red shrimp appear in the pool, turning the water red. Some say it is a reminder of the blood of the slain princess.

These caves were really cool, with pools of water deep enough for swimming. One of the pools looked really inviting, but as we weren't wearing our suits, we didn't take a dip.

water rushing into the lava tube
This photo was taken from inside a lava tube. A lava tube on the surface, such as this one, is a tunnel left behind from the lava flow. This was on Maui at a small black sand beach.

These next three pictures were taken near Hana, Maui, Hawaii. It is a long and winding drive to Hana. The road is very narrow in most places, especially around the corners. You cross over 59 bridges, 46 of which are one lane. There are approximately 620 curves. Not a good road for those who experience car sickness, but a very beautiful drive.

This last photo, also taken during our drive to Hana, is of the Seven Sacred Pools. They are a series of waterfalls, which pool under each fall to create one of the Seven Sacred Pools. The stream then flows into the ocean. There are actually more than seven pools, but there are seven that are easily seen while walking the trail down to the coast. The pools are bigger than they look in the picture. They would easily fit about three people in them.
Seven Sacred Pools

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