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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A not so great start to the New Year

New Years Day. I woke up and was told by my sister that the pipes were frozen. We had no running water. The temperature had gotten down to -15 degrees fahrenheit. It was absolutely freezing outside. The heaters got plugged in and the wood burning stove was stocked. It is now Wednesday, January 5th. We still don't have running water. We have a salamander heater under the house trying to warm the pipes up. On Monday, we had to go to our parents house so that we could take showers and do some minimal laundry. We've been melting snow by the stove in our dog's water bucket just so we can flush the toilets. Hopefully the pipes unfreeze soon, because this is not my idea of comfortable living.

If having frozen pipes wasn't enough, I have car problems. Money has been tight in our house, as I'm sure it is in most of yours, and I just can't afford to fix too much. There could be a couple different outcomes with my car and I hope that when they call, it will be the least expensive problems that are wrong with it. I'm usually not that lucky, but I can still hope.

I'm hoping that this year starts to improve.

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