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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Magnatisim: Week Eight

Do you ever stop to think about how the front of your fridge might look to others? Does how you arrange your magnets say something about your personality? Do you even have magnets on your fridge? While I don't know if how the front of your fridge looks can tell you anything about a certain person's personality, I find it interesting to look at what people put on their fridge. Our fridge in our home, pictured at right, has magnets from places we've visited, photos we've taken, phone numbers, recipes, etc. If you look on the very right side towards the middle of the fridge you will even see a small first aid kit.
Our fridge has a little bit of every thing on it. I have seen fridges that are covered in photos of loved ones, hold the family schedule on a magnetic calender, or are completely naked. I would love to find out what this says about us. Ours may look like we are messy people, but I actually like to have things very organized. That's not to say that our house doesn't need a good cleaning, we have 3 dogs and a cat after all, and animal hair and dog toys can be found all throughout the house. Living in the mountains also means that the house tends to get very dusty very fast.
I'm interested in knowing what your take on "Magnet Personality" is. Does it mean anything? What does your fridge look like? Just some odd questions for you to ponder.

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