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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ground Level Photos: Week Six

Sometimes I get in such a hurry to take pictures that I just snap them from where I'm standing and don't stop to think if maybe there is a better angle. I try to make a point of getting down lower to take pictures more.
Lilies that Carma and I planted last Saturday. They didn't last very long due to the fact that the dogs decided they were good to eat. All we have left of them is the stems.

Tali and Suri weren't quite sure what I was doing laying on the ground with my camera and decided they needed to investigate.


Look, Mom! I'm crawling!

Grayson and Blew on Easter
Blew handled that curious lil guy like a pro. He liked grabbing her fur and ears.

Sometimes it's hard to take photos of kids and animals from the ground. They like to walk right up to you to see what it is your doing. I try to catch them unaware, but don't succeed very often.

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